unlocked device - iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, 6 and 6+ iPhone within two business days. So far, iPhones 4 and iPhone S4 Nano in the US and were locked operator American took to work in the country. With the iPhone locked forced to drop large sums of money for unlocking - the foil thin that you can use iPhone 4 in Cayman. turbo SIM, even though it was A possible solution, had many shortcomings. There were conversations disconnect, Smsim would be unacceptable in the case of battery depletion was a long process to return the device to life. unlock, what we had expected for a long time, is extremely simple to perform and it makes the iPhone Sim fruit perfectly legal. More is not necessary to check every few minutes if reception did not fall or hang out anywhere with fear draining the battery charger. The UNLOCK is an elegant solution and easiest to use. Sim handset with turbo sim, the iPhone can be used like any normal free iPhone - you can make calls, send text, surf the web and even third generation FACETIME and use Apple's IMESSAGES unlimited. You can update the device software for each version and any version of the modem and should not be content with old versions obsolete. What is this and how is it related to hacking? Burglary and release (UNLOCK) are two completely different concepts. Hacking (jailbrake) is installing the device software prostitutes and release (unlock) allows using your American country. These two concepts are completely different and there is no breakthrough on the impact of . Another advantage of the obsolete turboSIM is not done physically on the device, only Apple's servers. All you need is performing activation sending your IMEI number in our email After one day open your device permanently on all networks in the country and abroad. There is no more fear locking device and turning it into a paperweight. unlock works on new devices are locked with chains in the world, and especially on appliances purchased AT & T network American. unlock completely safe to use and has a chance of success of nearly 100% (in the rare cases where it failed will be refunded your money) and runs forever - do not lock your device again.