Opening LG devices worldwide Please read and understand the following terms of service before ordering this service: New devices from the T-Mobile USA, which is locked with a lock new application, currently can not be opened, for more details please contact us. The service works only GSM devices. If you have a CDMA handset please refer to the opening of all networks CDMA devices. If you are unsure, it is best that you create contact with us before booking. This service will provide you with the access code for all networks of LG GSM devices all over the world, watch out! Only GSM devices, if you have a CDMA device, please see page opening all networks CDMA devices. Usually the service will provide you with immediate code, but sometimes it is delayed and we can not cancel the order or give refunds for delayed orders. Attention! The new LG models from T-MOBILE, such as LG G4 H811, the service will give the opening code, but for now do not know how to get into the device. There will be no refund on bookings. Receiving codes, use the code for the first NCK unlock the device to any network in cayman. Delivery Time: 1-6 hours