If you are wondering ever why there are websites that you enjoy browse them, or why there are computer programs that you do not manage to manipulate easily? The answer is simple: It all depends on Farming for the user.

User Experience User Experiance meticulous is fundamental to any successful web system. UI professionals take care of Komrks characterize your project that are convenient and best for the end user, taking into account the critical technological elements: access to the site to read and understand by search engines.

Bkomrks design group, experience of over 12 years in designing user interfaces, web sites, and complex applications. We use extensive knowledge to create designs for our clients that provide real user experience that matches the brand identity. Over the years we have designed websites and applications that are used daily by hundreds of thousands of customers.
Our methodology process of designing user interfaces:

  • Research, teaching and defining target audiences
  • Polishing messages transmitted
  • Spatial reasoning the digital media field - using new technologies
  • 'Cracking' creative idea + Create Concept
  • Advice and support to the customer, formulation and functional characterization writing and visual presentation in wireframe.
  • Execution No. rounds of high-level sketches for Home and templates inside pages
  • A clear reference to the functionality of specific tasks