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ComputerGeekz one on one computer courses by professional instructors with extensive experience in training students in the disciplines of photography and the Internet. computergeekz learning session are one-on-one session always patience to work to teach and guide for both novice, any every day users and advanced users who want to learn fast, short and professional.

Cayman Brac and Grand
Various courses are transferred to individuals or groups of private lessons in your computer, and place convenient for you: at home, in the office. In addition, attend courses and courses of "one on one" training centers: Tel Aviv, Netanya, Hadera and Jerusalem.

The curriculum
Learning objectives and curriculum custom built to each client individually. The program takes into account my knowledge and experience exists with the computer, the age of the student, and relevant topics of personal or business requirements. The curriculum.

List of courses
Below is a list (in part) of existing training courses and 'one on one' computer training, photography and the Internet. Courses

Support the novices
One-on-one customer can contact by phone and e-mail questions or urgent personal teacher training staff and enjoy a quick aid for the subject matter. This service, conducive to overcoming difficulties and problems during exercise sessions, and not charged extra.

As part of quality control and improvement of our services, we encourage you as a customer / the company, you can / s to spend a few minutes filling feedback on the course. Feedback Training Training Remote Support
Through the Internet and on-demand, we have private lessons (with a personal tutor) remotely, this service is suitable for customers who purchased computer experience and can work independently in front of the teacher found elsewhere.

Computer Applications course provides basic knowledge in using a computer or advanced, respectively, to the target audience. Private computer users need this course to know all the possibilities of different software OFFICE. Job seekers need a course to improve their computer skills, required in almost every work day. Employees of different companies need this course to refresh or familiarity with the software so that they can maximize their options and increase work efficiency. Small business owners also required an effective and orderly conduct will benefit from this course, and anyone who does not get along with computerized technology.

The computer is the most useful tool
Human use of a computer is growing and everyone uses a computer today, even your grandparents. If the computer was used tools, today has at least one computer in every home. We use computers for communication, documentation, study, collection and storage of information, course work, and more. Jobseekers control computer is a serious obligation, and students must use a computer to read materials, submit work, test scores, and more. Not everyone is familiar with office software (OFFICE) adequately or at all, and thus became a course required course in computer applications by the public.

nice to meet OFFICE
Knowledge of Computer Applications course provides practical knowledge and expands your use of the computer at home, at school or at work. There are courses at different levels, beginners or advanced, as well as courses that expand perused certain software rather as WORD or EXCEL, for example. Computer applications of various office properties, are the foundation common to all the various computer applications, so they are as important for each and every one of the modern world.

Course in computer applications at home or work
Younger, or those who want to learn computer applications themselves, can lower the self-learning software Zohar sex, the variety of topics Hsonim- OFFICE, WINDOWS, ADOBE, GOOGLE, COREL and more. All sessions are conducted in Hebrew, accompanied the presentations, they contain 10-20 hours of training each, so that it can deepen the material as you want. Everything else can order the mobile classroom to the workplace computergeekz any grand cayman and cayman brac, receive concentrated training, or study online with a personal guide