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Mac repair

Fixing hardware problems at the component level, laptop computers, desktop computers, computer repair laptop and desktop Mac Apple Macintosh, Mac, APPEL, repair servers, patch PDAs, Repair LCD screens, repair iPhone, repair Samsung Galaxy, correction of iPad, IPAD, Tablet Repair, Repair Power Supply Charger laptop or desktop, motherboard repair laptop / stationary Repairing a laptop replacement fan | stationary, noisy, | heating up | stopped working.

Laptop & PC Repair

Laptop computer glitches may differ. The technology that goes into electronic components is advanced and includes special micro-chips that make the big drive of a PC with all hardware where a small device the size of a book. If your laptop suffers from problems in the operating system or hardware issues and to exchange software program or component, Blaftoftk get a quick and personalized service. A computer screen is very delicate component often scratched, cracked and broken forbid. After several years of using it is very likely that one of these problems occur and to replace the screen. This problem is common when it comes to mobile computers and the solution is simply to replace the screen. Our computer lab all the necessary equipment to dismantle the various screws. Computer replacement parts are at hand and available to replace the defective part.

Virus mitigation and removal

Faulty laptop? Who has not encountered this problem every year! computergeekz is repaired laptops laboratory that provides service all models of all companies. The laboratory is located in Ramat Gan, but provides service to the entire country. Whether you need to replace the screen, replace the memory card, processor, internal memory, or anything else, Laftoftk able to do the job the best way possible and return the computer to working order. Fix computer problems all together!

 Computer Geekz Cayman Islands computer lab offers afforacable hardware support and best consumer electrnics repair service on islands.

We charge a 50CI for diagnotics which is then used against any services or hardware which we may need to replace.