ComputerGeekz cayman web design relies on experts in information technologies, Web and Mobile. 

The company has an expert team of consultants to help customers design and promote web sites and software development projects in different areas.

In cooperation with Microsoft online partners and some of the most innovative technologies solutions, we empower our clients to fulfill the full potential of their capabilities, and translate it to high Return of revenue for each client.

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ComputerGeekz specializes in formulating technology solutions to companies and agencies motivated to match the right architecture and service for the customer, assist in making an informed decision about the most appropriate technology and maximize the ROI to show the customer development process.

Working with consultants ComputerDevs gives customers confidence that will complete fulfillment of the technologies that will be used during the work. Insurance certificate is based on the close relationship with Microsoft consultants ComputerDevs Cayman and overseas development teams so that whenever a published version or a new technology - the customer can be sure that ComputerDevs consultants can provide all the answers about her.

Consulting activities includes:

    Consulting, planning, design and architecture components, subsystems or complete systems

     Reviews projects and products are various stages of development and examination of tools and technologies which started

    Making Code Review, examine the quality of the code and the use of tools and technology

    Advice in planning and managing development environment, using advanced tools such as Team System

    Design and construction of systems development, guidance development and management tools, writing procedures for developing, implementing development methodologies, training and implementation of development methodologies such as Agile and TDD

   Exposure to new technological components and future software releases from Microsoft