how to solve slow windows?

In this article I will explain how to deal with a slow computer! We'll do some simple things to improve computer performance!'ll Give significant tools for improving PC performance! Includes tips and recommendations. Let's start ... For those of us went out to run a program on your computer, and the computer hangs! The program did not open fast! The program works very slowly, there are some very important factors slow computer performance, as more quality hardware components that work in a fast computer, information and low-impact computer performance will be higher, Tools for improving PC performance 1. Remove Software and unused programs Tool for adding and removing software programs allow you to remove programs from your computer in an easy and safe to remove spyware from your computer, click on the button control panel and selecting the addition or removal of software, in addition offers another way to the Start Menu and command line Click appwiz.cpl "after selecting appropriate software Click Uninstall - Uninstall marked red square You can open the two options Add removal. Option 1. 1 Option 2. 2 After selecting the program click on the button - Uninstall 3 2. Remove programs that start automatically with the lighting of the msconfig command computer. This tool allows you to decide what are those programs you want that will initialize the operating system, consider changing or removing a program may result in the software or programs that do not work, you can see, the software is not used or needed in the operation of the computer can be reversed, you can go back and turn it back on, the To run the tool, click on the Start button and select the Start button and then "startup" - Type the command "msconfig" and click OK. See photo - Start, and then "startup" 1 See picture system configuration management tools 2 3. virus scan and malware Viruses and malware is definitely a factor slow computer, there are many tools to prevent spyware and viruses, worms, and all the rest, smote you several free tools for testing computer, I'd be happy to assist further treatment after all the tools which are given in the article. First tool free! Windows Defender is the control panel of each computer, 11 (Sometimes the software will not be available from blocking anti-virus software! Virus! Spyware! In this case you will work if other tool Registration can article 2. two free tools online testing of viruses Accountant Eset Not32 OnLine Click the link below for download to test computer Eset Nod32 OnLine 21 3. The third tool free installation of anti-virus software Microsoft Security Essentials This software provides real-time protection against viruses! Spyware! Malware! Download and install the software from the link next Microsoft Security Essentials 4. Delete Temporary Internet Files Temporary Internet Files folder is used by Internet Explorer or other web browsers store the contents of the web pages for quick viewing of pages already surfboard at least once. This memory (cache) allows Internet browsers to update new content since the last play of Web pages. To delete the files Temporary Internet Files directory, do the following: As of operating systems and Hindu 7 or higher. Have to go to the Start menu. Then select Control Panel and choose Network and Internet. Me Internet Explorer select Internet Options Select General tab under Browsing History option. Select Delete all (have to leave your web browser and reconvene) In order to perform the cleaning operation automatically, click on the following link Microsoft Fix it 50472 (Run the file) 1 5. Delete the temporary files on your computer - Temporary Files Temporary files are created by the computer operating system and software installed on your computer. These files are created because there is not enough physical memory available to the active program, these files do not contain relevant information and they consumed only when the program is active. Deleting files is done manually by a number of options. Option 1. Should enter the operating line and register the command% Temp% then we will directly Hkbtziim folder. Capture Check all files and then press Shift + Delete button 22 Option 2 (not recommended) Login to my computer. Select your hard drive: C Microsoft directory selection Search players folder Temp Attention! In many computers can not see the command line, use the search bar. Another option is added to the command line by 1. Yemeni button start button. 2. The selection of features. 3. Then select Custom 4. select from the list the command line (Run) 2 6. Hard disk defragmentation. Disk defragmentation process tool unites fragmented data storage media to operate more efficiently and wrong, Disk Defragmenter can run on a schedule You can activate two modes hard disk defragmenter. Click on the Start button and then on the command line Type diskmgmt.msc Have to go to the Start menu. Then click All Programs. Selection takes place accessories. 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