The computer is broken

The computer is broken, do not even have to leave the house / business, all you have to do is call our service center phone 345 943 3500 and service representative will be happy to help you and guide you, after a little investigating and, if necessary * send you a messenger who will pick up the laptop from the business / home We Evaluated and fix the problem and then return the computer messenger to you, so you save time and get to the service Ma`. Mobile Computer Repair Services (read expansion of services click appropriate title): 1. replacement screen - you broke the screen on my computer? We have a warehouse of spare parts for laptops and a large stock of different types of screens, we can provide you with a screen, without having to wait for the screen ordering unnecessary and the like. 2. Cleaning Computer - The computer gets hot? Recommended to come to the lab and clean the dust clogging computer may vents and causing a computer to warm up. 3. Replacing Fans - computer fan stopped working, it is highly recommended to get the first opportunity to the lab and replace the fan. 4. replacing video cards - turn on the machine and the screen turns off after No. minutes? The screen does not rise at all, may the problem is the screen as well as a video card, you can contact us and diagnostics of the fault. 5. Memory Upgrade - you bought a laptop and his memory does not fill the need, we can get service laboratory of expandable memory. 6. Replacement laptop keyboard - do not see the letters on the keyboard? Press the keys and they do not work? Broken keys? No need to replace the entire computer, our lab you can get the service laptop keyboard replacement. 7. Installing the operating system - you bought a new laptop with no OS, we can get service operating system installation, installing Office, antivirus and more.