Department - System Professional Services is engaged in the design and implementation of complex projects in infrastructure System, establishment of mail systems to design virtual server farm in the cloud. We work with leading solutions from companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix and others
The department offers complex solutions in virtualization bring maintenance cost savings, improved availability and reliability of infrastructure, Migrate data centers and virtual world systems, and decentralization is true of processing power and power equipments. Another service is the establishment of a centralized systems management and distribution of software and Images include a collection of hardware and software for end stations and servers, and producing complex reports.
The department provides a range of solutions to upgrade, use and adaptation of applications for Windows 7, advanced backup solutions according to customer requirements and upgrading existing enterprise backup systems, establishing central monitoring systems, improving system availability, complex solutions in the email and automation solutions and development of computer systems.
We offer services in the characterization and execution of projects, complex malfunctions, upgrading infrastructure with minimal down-time, improving infrastructure in the organization by implementing smart solutions providing ongoing maintenance System infrastructure at a predetermined SLA.
We specialize in creating computing solutions based on advanced technologies of hardware and software providers world's leading business organizations, providing a complete and comprehensive array of IT solutions.
Communications solutions
Computer Geekz offers solutions that combine consulting, design, construction, maintenance and support of communications infrastructures passive and active, establishing computer rooms, Date Center, control rooms, telephone exchanges and more.

Computer Geekz offers one of the enterprise information, to protect it, back it up using different methods tailored to the needs of the organization and to offer disaster recovery plan as part of a wider program that will ensure business continuity