Virus Mitigation and removal

The most important thing is computer anti-virus software could protect your computer from viruses that might
Damage the computer and hardware damage and serious damage information on your computer.
There are several antivirus programs that know how to protect your computer but some consume resources and thus
Slows the computer.
Therefore it is very important to choose software that knows how to protect your computer from viruses in real time
Nor consumes resources so your computer software activity background does not interfere with computer use.
There are a number of free software, such as:
Although not cost money but the end result is deleting virus and preventing their entry into the computer
They do not do very effectively. Also, companies do not provide support.
In addition to anti-virus free to be profitable for companies who developed them, they allow
Advertising on the program expressed during use pop-up ads, limiting the options
Software basic things, and a great resource consumption.
We specialize New Love removing viruses from your computer while ensuring the prevention of damage information on your computer
And strongly recommend anti-virus software following:
ESET NOD32 * *
* Symantec Norton *
Software ditto know how to protect your computer professionally and updated automatically.
There are upgraded versions of the software are called:
* ESET Smart Security *
* Norton Internet Security *
The advantage of these programs they come with Fiirooal (Firewall) protects your computer from external intrusions.
Here you can purchase an air programs and will install them for you.
Paste prevention and treatment of computer viruses and computer viruses cleaning:
There are several important rules implementing them computer if the computer could be better protected.
1. When a particular computer is infected with a virus penetrates a certain mail software or Facebook and send your name
Link to activate the virus by pretending to be an innocent link or image link to something related to you.
Therefore, we recommend that you do not click on the link that comes Facebook, Messenger, ICQ, e-mail.
In order for us to recognize that we were dealing with a virus, we can see that the link leads to an unclear address, such as:
2. If you are not familiar with the e-mail sent to you never to open it.
3. You can identify the virus has been previewed mail program and see the contents of the letter
Usually written in English and not relevant to you.
4. We recommend using mail services such as Gmail, Hotmail. They are protected by powerful tools
Who know how to filter spam and virus scanner equipped scans the files before they are downloaded to a computer.
It is important to note that viruses that can not be easily detected and therefore anti-virus software on your computer kicks.
5. Avoid leaving your e-mail address will not untrusted sites, or alternatively contact
Secondary email address.
If the computer is infected is very important to back up your computer and select only the following files:
Photos, music, movies and favorite mail files.