All in One tune ups

ALL IN ONE PC means that it is a single unit that includes only screen without a keyboard, mouse, or different types of drives. That is actually the computer does not return even one cable except the power cord which makes it very easy to work as office and home computer. A result that also computer repair ALL IN ONE is not like a regular computer repaired due to the different structure and requires more expertise and a deep understanding of the structure of this computer. In fact PC repair ALL IN ONE requires a professional laboratory specializing in the field and in the following lines we will explain why.
Computre Geekz laboratory specializing in computer repair computers ALL IN ONE

Computre Geekz Computer Repair Lab is professionalism in the country when it did ALL IN ONE computers and in view of the experience gained over the years in this field. We understand that AIO PCs are not similar in any way traditional computers so we opened a department specializing exclusively in this area. It is important to say that the computer repair laboratory which is specialized computers AIO can cause serious damage to your computer and destroy it completely and as stated due to the unique characteristics. If you have a computer ALL IN ONE encounter any problem big or small, we invite you to contact us for an initial consultation and let us help you.

Laptop Repair Is it similar computer repair ALL IN ONE?

Many tend to think that the AIO PC is similar to a laptop but the truth is far from it and we must insist that even when it comes to computer repair. Naturally, just like a stationary computer repair laptop also requires different expertise than the AIO and many laboratories that specialize in laptops can not help for AIO PCs. It is very important to remember that when the AIO PC to our perishable and therefore worth thinking twice before turning to the laboratory which is engaged in repair of laptops and stationary and is not specialized computers AIO.
Repair please see the fan

Repair please see the fan replacement or repair

Replacing a laptop screen - example of laboratory expertise Computre Geekz

One of the clearest examples of the differences between a laptop with AIO is to replace a laptop screen in front of a computer screen AIO patch. Because AIO computer screen is built entirely clear then that it was a completely different procedure than replacing a laptop screen and this for the simple reason that you can not replace the AIO computer screen but have it repaired completely. This is one example of many that explains why the expertise in this area so far