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ComputerGeekz Communications Systems specializes in jobs and infrastructure projects in a variety of categories: communications infrastructure, computer network infrastructure, telephony infrastructure, unified infrastructure, and the establishment of a rack, fiber optic, server cabinets in computer and server rooms. The Company performs communication infrastructure and cabling unified communications networks for telephony and computer network Category-5e standard of committee-level Category 6A standard GIGA. The company provides free advice for initial system planning organization's computer network infrastructure. Consultations include characterization and detailed engineering drawing of a system configuration server room / closet servers incorporating passive network infrastructure with computers and communications equipment such as computers active Switches (Switch), servers, telephone exchanges, power and control a computer network rack server rooms. Construction of racks and server rooms computer geekz performs communications systems and the construction of computer rooms including server cabinets, computer network infrastructure cabling and fiber optics and various types of racks and server cabinets represent communications infrastructure and server configuration server room is ideal for wiring restrictive. The company has a representation racks communications infrastructure and rack servers, ranging from small U4 rack to rack combines infrastructure and servers represented the organization at a height 110 cm depth U47. We are the only company in Cayman islands which combines resolving server cabinets (Anixter partner) and racks range of types of peripheral equipment armature and operating convenience for managing server cabinets such as the panel 24 is administered, a panel hairs, electrical units designated rack, panel Rings manage restrictive server cabinets, electrical panel run, fans dedicated server cabinets, control Includes heat warning server cabinets and more. Read more about rack and server room equipment » Using fiber-optic infrastructure The company carries out infrastructure and links between buildings via fiber optic communication networks that require Data transmission of information over long distances beyond the binding of copper adjusted standard distance of 100 meters, using optical fiber type Multimode and Singlemode optical fiber type. Why should cupboard communications infrastructure management servers and networks? Here's communications infrastructure valuable asset that any organization that invests money in anticipation serve the long-term needs. Each organization are carried out periodically changes and communications infrastructure, computer infrastructure, such as the locations of employees, the addition of new employees, and other additives and communication infrastructure changes are a regular occurrence. These changes in connectivity, won in the professional jargon called MAC (Moves Adds & Changes), are also reflected in the changes and additions to the routing tables of bridge (Patch Panels). What is the contribution of a computerized communications infrastructure management organization? Management On Line communications infrastructure will enable the CIO to provide internal services organization to more effectively; Control all enterprise communications infrastructure centralized management stations on the network itself, without any impact on network performance And rapid response to changes in planned requirements of communications infrastructure Substantial assistance for a short time, actions and malfunctions detection Communication Locating computers and cell organization including documentation of the physical location and placement rack edge Full control over the availability of passive infrastructure is not used Rack computers Information outskirts of active-utilized equipment closet Servers Simultaneous administration of the restraint system infrastructure for data communications + Telephony (systems with unified communications infrastructure) Rapid recovery in the event of intentional disconnection or physical connectivity errors Rack The accumulated experience gained in many organizations, it is possible to study the management of infrastructure assets communication methods conventional and "hzolot ", such as records management manual, or spreadsheets, and making updates on - off line, ineffective and usually the organization loses, ultimately, control and trust records resulting damaged cumulative operational and economic and unavoidable.